Agenda 31

Agenda 31 is a weekly podcast about corruption in government in the USA. It is played in rotation on the No Agenda Stream. From Agenda 31's Mission Statement:

You’re listening to the Agenda 31 podcast with Corey Eib and Todd McGreevy.

Agenda31 exposes government fraud, theft and deception.

Agenda31 endorses peaceful enforcement of the Bill of Rights by the People of the Several States.

Agenda31 explains how United States citizens have forsaken their capacity to protect their own rights.

Corey and Todd engage with local, state and federal government on powerful issues of identity, property rights, law, oaths of office, taxation, privacy and more.

Their approach is rooted in the very specific legal foundation of state citizenship.

Listeners of the the Agenda31 podcast are challenged to take the lowest risks with the highest rewards.

Your hosts want to know: “What’s your strategy to make a difference?”

Agenda 31 ceased production after November 2017 but the site is still online.

Agenda 31 is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.