No Agenda 2016

No Agenda 2016 is a podcast made up all the segments of the No Agenda Show about the 2016 US presidential campaign, compiled by Sir Ramsey Cain. From the No Agenda shownotes:

In the Morning!

Sir Pants has asked me to create a podcast consisting of No Agenda's coverage of the 2016 Presidential candidates so he can share it with friends and colleagues when they insist that some douchbag politician is Just Great. Naturally, other producers can use it in the same fashion. I'm doing it weekly so each episode consists of clips from the previous two shows. The episodes right now are between 14 and 33 minutes but I'm sure they will get longer as we get more into the election cycle. We have the hosting and domain name for 5 years so we can use it for posterity (for a little while). I told him this would chew up significant man hours and he said he didn't care, he wants it done. So, hopefully, this initiative won't peter out like many do.

The website is:

The RSS feed is:

The iTunes link is:

If you could let the FOLKS know and maybe link it in the shownotes, I'd be eternally grateful.

I'm also working this week and next on the next set of No Agenda CDs and I'm also putting together an evergreen clip show like I have done in the past so you two can have it in your back pockets in case anything goes wrong or one of you needs a vacation.

Keep up the great work,

Sir Ramsey Cain

P.S. Apple suggests some other podcasts similar to No Agenda 2016 such as Serial or Real Time with Bill Maher. Big data.

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