Category: Human Resources

Title Also Known As Summary
Adam Curry adamc1999; The Podfather Adam Curry is a Government Legislation Analyst and one of the two hosts of No Agenda Show, along with JCD.
Donagh Hatton Donagh Hatton created the search engine for No Agenda's shownotes site
John C. Dvorak JCD, TheRealDvorak John C. Dvorak is a tech columnist and broadcaster and one of the two hosts of No Agenda Show, along with Adam.
John Fletcher johnmfletcher33; lennoxxreverb Sir John Fletcher makes jingles and screams names for the No Agenda Show.
Mark Spirek mspirek Mark Spirek created, Gitmo Nation's URL shortener.
Nick The Rat Rat Hole Radio; Sewerchat; Sewer Chat; NickTheRat Nick The Rat makes a lot of No Agenda cover art, and he has his own web site and broadcasts a weekly podcast on Thursday evenings.
No Agenda Novels by Scott McKenzie One Day in Gitmo Nation; The Boy with #ISND; Conscience For Sale; Perp Walk; The Ninety-Year-Old Assassin; Death by Autopen; The Foot on the Shore; A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol; The Great American ShoeThrowing; Red Cell Scott McKenzie is a novelist who has written several very entertaining stories using ideas and memes from the No Agenda Show.
No Agenda Peerage Map No Agenda Peerage Map shows all the protectorates claimed by members of the No Agenda Round Table.
No Agenda Racing No Agenda Racing is Gitmo Nation's own motorcycle racing team.
Paranoid (rap song) ShortFuze Paranoid is a rap song about No Agenda topics by ShortFuze.
Ramsey Cain Ramsey Cain produces No Agenda and the No Agenda 2016 podcast.
Randumb Thoughts DarrenO; Darren O'Neill Randumb Thoughts is an essay podcast by No Agenda producer Darren O'Neill.
RynoTheBearded Ryno; The OO Show RynoTheBearded is a No Agenda producer who runs his own separate audio stream playing the greatest Creative Commons hits.
These Green Eyes Colin Cunningham; Sir Colin Cunningham
cj eureka cj eureka used to sell No Agenda tote bags and stuff on Etsy.
progo Brendan Kidwell progo is the creator of GitmoList.