Classic No

Classic No was a mirror of the No Agenda Show. From the shownotes:

In the Morning!

Having heard the recent comments from producers regarding the early shows, I've been inspired to dust off an old project that I've been meaning to launch for a couple of years now: Classic No

I'm re-publishing the shows starting from episode one as a podcast. I'm taking the synopses from the cagematch site as well as tagging each episode with the subjects and topics to make the early shows more searchable. I'm also modifying the shows themselves to include a jingle to the beginning and end of each episode.

I'll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday to fill that gap and provide the 'third show' that used to be a subject of debate years ago. I'm going to commit to the first 25 episodes but if we don't get any positive feedback, I may cut it off at that time. After all, the whole point of this is to drive more donations so if that isn't happening after six months, I could be forced to call it quits.

The first episode has been published at and it is available in iTunes. I'm still working on making the tags searchable but that is a Wordpress thing and I'll get it figured out before too long.

Thank you for your courage and keep up the good work. We need you guys.

Ramsey Cain

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