Dude Named Ben T-Shirts

Producer Jim Bonczek offers Some Dude Named Ben T-shirts for sale on From the shownotes:

In the morning, John and Adam!

Being an IT slave, I’m loving the “dude named ben” saga… I’ve been slacking on donations lately due to finding out we’re expecting our 4th Human Resource! So I decided to create a campaign with some Dude Named Ben t-shirts! I’m going to turn around and donate 50% of all the profits to No Agenda, so if you could spread the word, that would be great!

The shirts can be ordered at

I’m the guy who came up with Climate Inequality and have the domain climate forwarding to, so when the teespring campaign is over, will forward over to you as well.

Humbly yours,

Jim Bonczek

The domain "" no longer works.

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