GitmoList is a list of all resources, human resources, and some glossary terms that are related to the No Agenda Show.

GitmoList was originally launched by progo on 3 July 2016. progo completed adding all resources found in the PR sections of each No Agenda Show's shownotes on 31 July 2016, and he will continue to add new resources each week as Adam mentions them in the shownotes.

Todo List:

  • Create a site maintenance guide / style guide.
  • Create a URL shortener for page URLs.
  • Create a bot to hang out in the No Agenda chat room to answer questions people ask, when the bot knows the answer from this database.
  • Fill in more Glossary entries.

Email if you're interested in helping out.


If you have something you want to add or edit here, please reigster on our Flyspray database and add your feedback there. Or, if you don't feel like dealing with registering on an app, please email and progo will add it to the queue for you.

GitmoList is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.