No Agenda Bullshit Filter

No Agenda Bullshit Filter is an old userscript for your browser that replaces names on web pages with words No Agenda producers might say instead. Examples:

adam curry -- Former Soviet Spy Adam Curry
al-Qaeda -- al-CIAda
al-Qaida -- al-CIAda
alcohol -- the demon drink
beer -- The Demon Drink
benjamin netanyahu -- Bibi Netanyahu
whiskey -- The Demon Drink
Biodiversity -- Biodiversitée
bogus -- B O G U S
carbon dioxide -- stuff that plants breathe
Hillary Clinton -- Lucifer Clinton
Alassane Ouattara -- Audi Quattro
Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Lucifer Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham -- Lucifer Rodham

SpookyR started a new version of the project.

No Agenda Bullshit Filter is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.