No Agenda Stream and Chat

Also Known As Stream; Chat Room; Stream 2
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voidzero provides a live streaming and chat room environment for the No Agenda Show. The show wouldn't be complete without it.

To listen to the live stream, copy the "Listen" URL into your audio player.

To chat, open the "Chat" URL in your browser, or use an IRC client to connect to with TLS enabled, and join "#NoAgenda".

No Agenda Show broadcasts live Sundays and Thursdays at 11:00 American Central Time (UTC-6; UTC-5 in summer).

On Friday nights at 18:00 American Central Time, you can listen to Stream 2 (mp3) (alternate: ogg; high-res mp3), the music stream, and join RynoTheBearded's OO Show in the "#NoAgenda" chat room. The OO Show plays all the best Creative Commons-licensed music. Tune in to Stream 2 at other times for songs played randomly from RynoTheBearded's library.

No Agenda Stream and Chat is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.