No Agenda Stream and Chat

voidzero provides a live streaming and chat room environment for the No Agenda Show. The show wouldn't be complete without it.

To listen to the live stream, copy the "Listen" URL into your audio player.

To chat, open the "Chat" URL in your browser, or use an IRC client to connect to with TLS enabled, and join "#NoAgenda". You will not be able to speak until you follow the REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Please see the schedule and list of shows at . The information below may be out of date.


Show Local Time UTC
Northern Summer
Northern Winter
DH Unplugged Tuesday 21:00 Florida (USA East) Wednesday 01:00 Wednesday 02:00
Nick the Rat Wednesday 23:00 New York (USA East) Thursday 03:00 Thursday 04:00
No Agenda Show Thursday 11:00 Texas (USA Central) Thursday 16:00 Thursday 17:00
Grumpy Old Bens Friday 11:00 Chicago (USA Central) Friday 16:00 Friday 17:00
RynoTheBearded Friday 18:00 Mississippi (USA Central) Friday 23:00 Saturday 00:00
No Agenda Show Sunday 11:00 Texas (USA Central) Sunday 16:00 Sunday 17:00

Other shows in the network may broadcast and record live on the No Agenda Stream when they are ready but without a set schedule. Hang out in the chat room to find out when this happens!

Shows that Play In Rotation on the No Agenda Stream

When no one is broadcasting live, you will probably hear one of these shows on the stream:

No Agenda Stream and Chat is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.