No Agendroid

No Agendroid lets you listen to episodes of the No Agenda Show, while simultaneously browsing each episode's collection of Shownotes and Clips. It's the perfect companion to the best podcast in the universe. Price: $1.69.

From the shownotes:

ITM Adam and John,

I wanted to let you and the listeners know about No Agendroid 2.0, which is available now on the Google and Amazon app stores. You can listen to episodes, read show notes and listen to clips -- and NEW in 2.0 is a No Agenda Live Stream page complete with schedule of upcoming shows, as well as a Jingle board with over 50 of your favorite NA ditties. The app is $1.69 and I pledge to donate 33 cents from each purchase back to the show. This donation is made up of your slice of the 155 downloads I've had so far, topped off to 58.80 for good measure. Keep up the great work!

-- Rick

PS. Any chance I could get you to link to No Agendroid in the shownotes, alongside where you link to the iOS app? (No Agenda News App) :)

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