Paranoid (rap song)

Paranoid is a rap song about No Agenda topics by ShortFuze. It is 2 minutes long and it has been published on YouTube and Itunes. From the shownotes:

Hi Adam & John,

I made this song years ago after adam asked for a rap song. Adam made his own rap song on the very next episode. Any way I am a avid listener in Sacramento Ca and have never donated. I am a very broke musician and construction worker but love your show. Havent put the song on itunes becuse I don't think you will play it. But if you like it ill make it available asap and throw you some long deserved loot. If by chance you like this song call out Dubbie Dave, my brother , and myself Hogg (both of the rap group ShortFuze)out as Delta Bravo AKA douche bags.

Love the show

Hogg of ShortFuze

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