These Green Eyes

These Green Eyes / Sir Colin Cunningham is a No Agenda Knight who deserves a plug here on this site for his music.

From: Colin Cunningham <>
Subject: NA Knight here, with a question
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019 14:52

Hi there, my name is Colin Cunningham and I am a No Agenda Knight (Sir Colin, the Deaf Dumb Blind Knight: Show 1002 "Ras-Putin").

I am also the lead singer and songwriter of a band called "These GreenEyes." I'm not sure if GitmoList would include a link to some music which I recorded, but if you would? The name of the EP is "Anthem," and a free stream of the music can be found at .

Thank you for reading this email, and I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your courage!

Colin Cunningham
Deaf Dumb Blind Knight

These Green Eyes is not necessarily endorsed by Gitmolist or the creators of the No Agenda Show. This listing is for information purposes only.